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4 Skills Graphic Design Agencies in NYC Look for in Job Candidates

graphic design agencies in NYC

Working in a graphic design agency in NYC is the dream of many entry-level designers. Plenty of opportunities for young professionals and higher salaries make New York a paradise for ambitious and enthusiastic people. By contrast, one must possess a range of various skills to call themselves qualified for the job. If you plan to move to the Big Apple and want to start a graphic design career, you need to know what skills graphic design agencies in NYC look for in job candidates in the first place. Since you are here, take a look at the list below.

4 skills graphic design agencies in NYC look for in job candidates

1. Creativity

As a quality, creativity can hardly be measured by words. Graphic design companies usually resort to different creative tasks to let potential candidates express themselves. In technical terms, it is the ability to use your mind and intelligence to form ideas. The higher your level of creativity, the more innovative and consistent ideas you produce.

2. Typography

Typography is more than just text and fonts; it is a distinct art form used to share information and convey a message through visual design. Some designers call it a form of communication, which is true, considering the fact that text gradually replaces communication. Typography skills are a must for everyone pursuing the career of a graphic designer.

3. Software + web design

Apparently, graphic design agencies in NYC have a huge network of clients and hence work with all types of projects. Nowadays, graphic designers are required to have a solid grasp of both graphic and web design. Graphic design revolves around software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, etc. By contrast, you need to know how to work with HTML and CSS to build beautiful website designs.

4. Self-organizational skills

All this knowledge will be less effective without advanced self-organizational skills. First and foremost, it is your ability to manage stress and create an effective work schedule. Likewise, your social skills are also important since you will need to have a clear understanding of clients’ needs.

A combination of versatile skills and competence are the main principles making a good candidate. They are the bedrock of your personal and professional development. If you manage to master those skills and learn how to use them properly, your chances of job interview success at graphic design agencies in NYC will be markedly higher. Good luck with your interview!

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