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4 Skills You Need to Become a Successful Web Designer

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What makes a good web designer? Web design is becoming more and more prestigious on the market with each passing year as the Internet and the Web keep raging on and on. Many try to take a leap into the industry and fail because they don’t meet market requirements. So, what should a website designer know to achieve client recognition?

4 skills that make a successful web designer

Beluga Lab team consists of only dedicated and responsible web designers with a comprehensive portfolio and many years of experience. We know the ropes and are ready to share with you several must-have skills for a successful web designer. What are they?

1. Proficiency in HTML/CSS/JavaScript

The very basics of web design start with learning how to code. Coding and markup languages are inalienable when it comes to creating highly functional and visually appealing websites. To keep it short, you need HTML to build a carcass of the website; then, you go to CSS that adds visualization. After mastering these two languages, JavaScript comes into play, enhancing the overall functionality of the website.

2. Insight into UX/UI

UX and UI are all about users. UX refers to “user experience,” whereas UI stands for “user interface.” Despite being of different nature, they always go indissolubly and should be applied equally. Comprehending UX/UI practices is a must for a website designer since this skill allows to switch to “user mode” and anticipate the drawbacks of the layout, navigation system, typography, and whatnot.

3. Design software

Toying with web fonts, color palettes, and grid systems is also a significant part of the web designer job. All of these elements are an important part of visual design. You must have heard of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fireworks, which are pertinent examples of what design software is. Such applications are used to design web pages, edit them, and even conventionalize them in one way or another. They are also essential for designing logos, banners, and mockup websites, among others. 

4. Understanding SEO

The best web designers are also competent in SEO management or, at least, know how it functions. If you want to get the most out of the website, you must come up with an SEO-friendly design first and then implement an effective SEO strategy. 

These skills are the key to the prosperity and success of any web designer. Mastering them may be a formidable challenge, but it is what makes good website designers really good.

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