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5 Characteristics of Good Web Design

good web design

Have you ever pondered what catches your eye whenever you enter a website? What is the element of site design, which makes you stay and enjoy a webpage? Answers may vary, yet the essence remains the same. Good web design is quite literally an art, consisting of both minute and major aspects that turn your head and inspire you to interact with it.

Knowing such aspects may be a big breakthrough for your website and, therefore, your web success. Let’s look at five characteristics of good and robust web design, which every website owner should know.

5 characteristics of good web design


Above all, good web design should be the brightest and clearest representation of an idea or brand. If it is ecommerce web design, then it should sell; for corporate websites, the design must be the face of the company and good advertisement for the services provided, etc. Every website design has a purpose that should be satisfied in full. Otherwise, all the hard work would go up in smoke.

Easiness & intuitiveness

Website design is not the Rubik’s cube that you should solve. Instead, it is a complete system unveiling the opportunities in front of you. Even the most seemingly insignificant part must be an integral addition to both functionality and aesthetics. Sometimes, web pages contain millions of irrelevant features that don’t help but rather hinder user experience. That’s a bright example of poor website design. Don’t follow it!

Visual richness

Good web design is always visually appealing; this is a golden rule of the industry. Visual appearance is a great instrument for keeping visitors on the website longer. However, you shouldn’t rely on sweet colors and engaging 3D mockups only. Beauty doesn’t exist without functionality.

High-level functionality

Again, high-level functionality doesn’t necessarily mean a zillion of tools, functional tabs, pop-up “smart” suggestions, etc. Good web design is about the stiffly accurate combination of simplicity and practicality. 


Responsive website design is a must nowadays. Since more and more Internet folks start using smartphones, mobile web design must be one of the first features in your to-do list when it comes to web designing.

Knowing these key characteristics is pretty essential, especially if you are about to start building a new website. If you want to ask questions or have some original ideas that need realization, feel free to contact Beluga Lab, a reliable New York web design company that cares about the clients. We look forward to hearing from you!

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