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5 Key Elements of the Best Responsive Websites

best responsive websites

Responsive design has become one of the topmost website trends of recent years. The overwhelming majority of website design & development experts unanimously consider responsiveness to be the most crucial component in today’s web industry. However, sometimes people mistakenly label lots of design features as “responsive web design” while they shouldn’t be treated as such. Let’s take a closer look at the inherent elements of the best responsive websites to give a crystal clear answer to this confusing question.

5 key elements of the best responsive websites

The best responsive web design is never a walkover. This niche is for true professionals and enthusiasts who have excelled at basic things and can work with elements of a higher level.

If you need to develop a new web design that will meet all essential criteria, then you should rely on credible service providers such as Beluga Lab. By checking out our portfolio, you can assure yourself of our multiplied competence woven together with years of experience. Not sure whether you need a responsive website? Here are the key elements of the best responsive websites and the benefits you get from them.

1. Flexible layouts

All best responsive websites are compatible with different screen sizes. It’s considered to be the top feature since it makes a website available to a wider audience, increasing traffic and sales respectively. It is particularly vital if your target is the best ecommerce web design.

2. Organized space

Open space is not only a trendy element but also an effective part of website functionality. Using it in unison with relevant fonts and accurate spacing enhances the overall customer experience. Well-organized white space can greatly add to the consistency of your design.

3. Intuitive navigation

The best design is always the one that is easy to use. The aim here is to achieve the ultimate comfort in using the search system. Web designers try to make navigation bars most visible for potential visitors. There is also no need in the vast array of sections. Depending on the type of your website, 4-8 navigation items would hit the spot.

4. High-quality images and videos

We can’t imagine web design without catching visuals. A unique mix of 3D elements, high-resolution images, and full-screen videos is a mind-blowing recipe for success.

5. Innovative typography

Fonts are more crucial than you may think. A thoroughly picked style of typography is one of the powerful tools for attracting attention. Moreover, this component can transform your webpage into an original piece that looks offbeat in every sense.

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