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5 Key Stages of Website Creation

website creation

Someone unfamiliar with website development and design may perceive website creation as magic. In reality, it results from a well-thought, step-by-step process of transforming ideas into a product that users will enjoy. This article outlines the five main stages of creating a website.

Website Creation: 5 Main Steps

Website creation is a pretty linear, universal process consisting of the following steps:

Collecting Information

Research is rarely counted among the most important stages of website development. However, one should not underestimate the power of information gathering. It helps you understand the market and competitors and come up with solutions that users will really need.


You can hardly start any work until you know what exactly is to be done. The planning stage identifies the goals, resources, deadlines, and other details needed to initiate the work. This is when the sitemap and wireframes are created to guide further efforts. Planning should always involve the clients, as they should have an opportunity to share their ideas and vision.


Design is the salient point in website creation when the product takes shape. It involves the creation of visual elements, selection of a color scheme, integration of functions, textual content creation, and adding of other elements that make the website meaningful and valuable to the stakeholders. Once the website is ready, it should be tested and adjusted according to user feedback. However, even after the diligent polishing and revisions, the product is not yet ready to be released.

Testing and Review

Customer feedback is valuable, but it is not conclusive. A team of experts should also test all elements of the website before launch to make sure that everything works smoothly. A typical checklist for this stage includes dozens of seemingly small but vital aspects. For example, questions such as the following need to be answered:

  • Are images optimized for speed?
  • Is Google Analytics working?
  • Does navigation work as needed?
  • Is the website mobile-friendly?
  • Is it compatible with different browsers?
  • Are social media integrated?

Launch and Maintenance

Website creation does not end with launch. Website maintenance, regular updates, and the addition of new features are essential for the website to run smoothly. In other words, website creation never ends, as the product evolves based on the emerging user needs.


To sum up, website creation is a multi-step, continuous process that requires much research, planning, and development. It never ends, as new features and updates are introduced to keep up with the market demands, users’ preferences, and business goals.

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