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5 Most Common Types of Web Design and Development Services

web design and development services

When would-be website owners want to hire a web design and development firm, they usually find themselves confused about the diversity of services offered. As long as you don’t know what exactly you need for your own web project, you can hardly reach a rational hiring decision. To clear up the confusion, you need to start with the basics. Here, take a look at the five most common types of web design and development services that will enrich your understanding of the current situation.

5 most common types of web design and development services

1. Content Management System

There is no doubt that Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most sought-after web design and development services on the list. For example, WordPress is a good example of a CMS. Its purpose is to make your website content easier to manage. At the same time, many top web design companies insist on custom web development rather than ready-to-go templates.

2. Ecommerce Applications

Thanks to various ecommerce web solutions, a variety of businesses can occupy their own niches in the world of online marketing. Ecommerce apps include different SEO and marketing automation tools, development platforms, analytical databases, and shipping management services.

3. Custom Web Applications

The keyword here is “custom,” meaning that professional web developers create applications from scratch, trying to meet their clients’ requirements. Many people confuse websites and web applications – these are not the same thing. In plain words, web apps are the separate complex elements attached to the website design. They are made to capture, process, and store data. A shopping cart is one of the examples of web apps.

4. Website Maintenance & Support

No matter how well-built a website is, it needs constant monitoring and support to keep it free of errors. Ignoring this particular type of web design and development services means being an outsider in the long run. No one is safe from cyberattacks and all sorts of malicious threats. Any issues should be handled in time.

5. Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control and Testing

Before a website is launched, it should go through several stages of quality assurance and quality control. Custom web developers check the compliance of the product with the technical and functional requirements. Later on, they perform tests to detect and solve issues and problems with the website and web applications.

Each type of the above-mentioned web design and development services has its own subtypes, which is a story for another day. Hopefully, this list will help you identify your goals and priorities for further personal development. Good luck!

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