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5 Skills to Become a Responsive Web Designer

responsive web designer

Web development is a lucrative industry as most businesses require a website. Web design is among the highly versatile careers young tech professionals love to pursue. It comes with a vast opportunity to become creative and choose what you are passionate about.

But what does it take to become a responsive web designer? Let us explore some of the fundamental skills and qualifications you need to execute the design role efficiently:

Important Tech Skills for a Responsive Web Designer

Graphic Design

One crucial skill you need to master is graphic design. It will help to enhance your prospects as a responsive web designer. Knowing the intricacies of the design process will help you during web development. Besides, understanding the design tools will give you the upper hand during web development. The tools will help you design an outstanding website. However, ensure you match the right tools to the specific job. For example, designers use Photoshop for processing images, while Illustrator is for vector designs.

Visual Design and UX/UI

It is vital to have UX/UI skills as a responsive web designer.  Most people judge a website by its visual design. You have to equip yourself with user experience and user interface designing skills. You need to master how to use color psychology, typographical elements, and grid systems to make your website visually appealing.


Having knowledge and skills in HTML and CSS is another plus for webs designers. These are the essential blocks that build functional websites. Understanding HTML and CSS principles will help you become a skilled web designer.

Programming Languages

It is also imperative to learn a few advanced programming languages to improve your career prospects. For instance, you can learn Python, JavaScript, C++, etc. Find out the most marketable languages and master them. Having extra knowledge and skills in several programming languages will make you stand out from other web designers.

Web Server Management

Another essential skill that most designers overlook is web server management. Even though it is a different tech sphere, basic knowledge of web servers is vital. You will be able to solve downtime issues swiftly and boost productivity at the workplace.

Go Beyond the Tech Skills

Web development requires the above skills to work efficiently. You also need to be a critical thinker, an effective communicator, and a good time manager. If you master the above skills, you will become the most sought-after web designer in the job market.

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