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5 Things Ecommerce Web Developers Never Do

ecommerce web developers

Ecommerce web development is nothing but a powerful tool turning in-store shopping into online shopping. A few people, though, know how many rules a website development company should follow to make a purchasing experience adequately comfortable and intuitive for every user. And even though the development process is continuously evolving, there are certain and concrete things that ecommerce web developers never do when creating a website, no matter what trends say. If you want to create your own online store, you better know them all!

5 things ecommerce web developers never do

1. They never rely on their own senses

When developing a website, developers should be as objective as possible to know how effective this or that feature is. That is why there is always a bunch of testers, be they friends or random users, who try to interact with a website and its elements to detect bugs and glitches.

2. They never ignore security

For an ecommerce website, security is above all. Developers should make customers feel safe when they proceed to the checkout process. All in all, it concerns personal information, so any negligence is unacceptable.

3. They never forget about mobile users

The number of mobile and tablet users exponentially grows each year. Nowadays, ignoring such customers is a critical mistake. That is why ecommerce web developers insist on making a mobile version of the website.

4. They never opt for beauty over productivity

While beauty is more the responsibility of ecommerce web design, web development plays a vital role in visual appearance as well. However, website developers never opt for beauty over productivity. They focus their efforts on achieving a decent website loading speed and functionality of all the features added to the web pages.

5. They never try to confuse users

Sometimes, it seems like ecommerce web developers do everything possible to puzzle you. It is true that some websites do not feel cohesive and hence are hard to navigate. Most often, it is not the intention of developers to worsen your experience but rather the desire to create a sophisticated website that will feel like a work of art. Rarely does it work though.

Ecommerce website development is on the rise. Trends and innovations are important, but some things should not change for the sake of performance and effectiveness. Now that you know what ecommerce web developers never do, you can better understand how important it is to choose disciplined and responsible agencies for your project. Good luck!

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