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6 Things Responsive Web Design Companies Should Stop Doing

responsive web design companies

No one is perfect, nor are responsive web designers. Even professional and experienced companies have their own biases and preconceptions. During web designing, specialists are often snowed under with work and hence can make stupid mistakes. However, sometimes, people consciously do mediocre work due to their own tastes or outdatedness. And this needs to be stopped. Let’s look at the six most common and annoying things that responsive web design companies need to give up doing.

6 things responsive web design companies should stop doing

1. Building everything but responsive website design

The term “responsive” has long become a buzzword in the world of web design and development. Given its popularity, it is extensively used by web design firms, especially amateur ones. If you do not know what “responsive” means, such “designers” can take advantage of you.

2. Using homepage image carousels

Why are homepage image carousels almost always a bad idea? First of all, they slow down your website, making the user experience less enjoyable. Besides, they cause banner blindness when visitors mistake images for advertisements and therefore avoid them.

3. Using incompatible web plugins

When responsive web design companies build a website, they usually work with plugins. The problem occurs when plugins do not work with each other smoothly. That happens because people do not want to create something custom and unique due to their laziness or lack of skills.

4. Failing to provide the same UX for all users

Mobile-first and desktop-first web designs are not considered responsive. Responsive web design is when your web pages work fine on a laptop, smartphone, and TV simultaneously. Sometimes, though, even the best web design agencies ignore contextual conventions and fail to provide adequate UX for some users.

5. Making unreadable typography

Graphic designers can come up with super creative typography, but it is also important not to forget about its readability. In other words, responsive web design companies should keep a fine balance between beauty and feasibility.

6. Ignoring interactive web elements

While image carousels are a fairly bad idea, you should not forget about other more effective interactive web elements, such as interactive infographics, animations, social media sharing buttons, and videos. Such components will make your website more approachable.

There is no excuse for those responsive web design companies that continue to do one or all of the above-mentioned things and do nothing to bring the change. The next time you hire a professional web designer, make sure you ask the right questions.

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