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8 Remarkable Features of Custom Ecommerce Website Design

custom ecommerce website design

Having an online shop is a decent strategy for making money without leaving your home. Whether you are a minor or big ecommerce retailer, it’s essential to know how professional ecommerce web designers can contribute to the growth of your client base and significantly enhance your sales. Take your time to learn the following eight features of custom ecommerce website design, as they can help your virtual business flourish overnight.

8 remarkable features of custom ecommerce website design

1. Dead-simple navigation

Simple doesn’t mean primitive. Easy-to-use product navigation is the most proven way to your clients’ hearts because it allows people to find what they want quickly and efficiently. 

2. Responsive layouts

Responsive layouts are the number one reason why you need custom ecommerce website design. To make your site multi-platform from the very beginning is always a good idea. As a result, you will appeal to both desktop and mobile audiences simultaneously.

3. SEO-friendliness

If you are going to reach some impressive results in the first two or three months, you will definitely need a good SEO strategy. This feature will impact how many people will click on your site. 

4. Engaging product photography

Product photography can either ruin or heighten the impression of the customers. Ecommerce website designers usually spend a lot of time taking photos (or videos) that look most adorable so that they inspire people to buy the products. 

5. Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are, in fact, very effective tools for directing buyers’ attention to the most important clusters of content on your website, be it web pages with discounts or some sweet offers. 

6. Testimonial page

The best way to make people trust you is to show them crystal-clear feedback. Thanks to this feature of custom ecommerce website design, you can demonstrate how reliable and safe your ecommerce store is. 

7. Share feature

Sometimes, this feature may seriously get on people’s nerves if not integrated correctly. Ask ecommerce website specialists to make it most convenient, without putting too much focus on it. 

8. Intuitive shopping cart

If the design of the shopping cart is built shoddily, there are risks that someone may lose interest in buying products without even proceeding to checkout. It’s one of the crucial features for website users, so you would rather provide buyers with the most robust experience.

Make sure that an ecommerce web design company you are working with knows these features and can implement them to your advantage!

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