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A Foot in the Door Technique for Your Web Company

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If you own a web company, you might be interested in increasing sales and expanding your client base. It’s a natural desire of everyone concerned with sustainable business growth and revenue increase. One of the working techniques to attain this goal is the Foot in the Door technique – the one used by marketers with an advanced understanding of psychology. Therefore, if you want to take one more step toward business success, read on to master this marketing tool.

What Is “Foot in the Door”?

Let’s start with a brief introduction to this technique. As you might have already guessed, the tool takes roots in psychology, suggesting that if a person accepts a small (or free) offer from your web company, they will be readier to accept something larger later.

For example, instead of offering your prospects a large, expensive website development project, you can start with a small, low-cost service like an audit of the current web resource or logo design. Once the clients try your service with a risk-free, minor purchase, they are expected to develop trust in you, ordering more expensive services later on.

Web Company’s Inbound Marketing

Applying the foot in the door technique, you’re able to transform the inbound marketing strategy of your web company. You can achieve this by targeting the right people with the right messages. Give them useful and relevant information on your website. Once they see that you have what they want, they grow much readier to open the door for you via, let’s say, signing up for your newsletter or asking for a quote.

Taking Advantage of the Marketing-to-Sales Process

Your prospects have opened the door by completing the first intended step (e.g., sign-up). Now, you’re much better positioned to guide them through the entire marketing-to-sales funnel. The next stage after sign-up can be a request for full-scale registration that gives users a wider spectrum of privileges. Depending on the specifics of your services, it can be a free guide, webinar, or a special discount.

The following step presupposes a sign-up for a free consultation. There, your web company gets the first point of personal contact with the prospect. Once the potential customer has reached this stage and has successfully used the consultation opportunity, you may judge that they are ripe for the purchase.

Thus, the magic of the foot in the door technique is in the transformation of newcomers into interested buyers.

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