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A Set of Website Features You Should Include

website features

Planning to create a website? Thinking that the task is easy and manageable? In most cases it is, but only if you know for sure what you want from a new web resource. It’s very easy to go wrong with website development if you don’t provide your coder with a detailed plan.

So, to help you with the project brief, Beluga Lab experts lay out the basic website features every resource should include. Use this checklist and ask your developer to take these features into account, and your website’s quality and success depend on it.

The Mandatory Minimum of Website Features

Here is a checklist of five features you can’t miss if you want to establish a functional web resource.

#1 Business Message

A visitor coming to your website for the first time should never be confused about where they are. Your website should display a consistent business message, preferably accompanied by relevant imagery, to show what you specialize in. Explain who you are, what services you provide, and how you can help the users.

#2 Simple, Memorable URL

It’s much easier to be remembered and enjoy repeating visits by users if your URL is not a simple letter salad. We know that most short and simple URLs are occupied, but there’s still room for creativity. Make sure that your URL is relevant to your business name and corresponds to your specialization. This will create a consistent effect on the visitors, adding to your resource’s memorability.

#3 Carefully Written CTA

You’ve gone the extra mile to attract visitors to your website and get acquainted with your business. So, never leave them with the lingering “so what?” question. Equip your main page with a well-written, impactful call to action (CTA) turning your visitors into buyers or service users.

#4 Contacts

Once people get interested in your services or products, the worst you can do is leave them without an opportunity to contact you. So, the detailed and easily accessible “contact us” page is among the mandatory website features all businesses should have. It’s the primary channel for client contact that you can’t afford to miss.

#5 “About Us” Imagery

Finalizing our discussion of website features, we want to stress the need to talk about your business and show its face. Don’t stuff your web pages with stock photos causing nothing but a toothache. Add real photos of your office, staff, and products. Such images will boost the visitors’ trust, convincing them to become your clients.

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