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AdBlock vs. Your Website: What To Do?

AdBlock vs. your website: What to do?

Ah, ads. Nobody loves them, except for when they bring you money. If your website exists to give people valuable content, you usually depend on ads. But the users don’t really think about that, do they? That is why AdBlock is so popular. But what can you do to force your visitors not to use it?

AdBlock: ask them or force them?

Let’s imagine that a user who visits your website finds something they want to read. There are no ads… because they use AdBlock. The fact that they are still on your page is nice, but without ads, you soon won’t have any funds for more articles. So what do you do? Do you force them to leave by declining access with Adblock on, or do you ask them nicely to turn it off?

The answer seems logical: nobody likes ultimatums, and they rarely work. Usually, if you try to make a user change their mind, they just leave your site, never to return. Now, asking is fine, but you have to know how to ask and when.

Don’t start with it: let your users explore the site. And when they find an article they like, let them read a bit before asking politely to turn off Adblock. 

Any action like that is terrible for the user experience. A certain number of people will get angry as it disrupts the flow. Never start with the warning; first, let your visitors see what your website has to offer. Then strike. You might even allow your user to read one or two articles before flashing a warning on the third. Be generous. And when asking… do so wisely, with the right tone, tailored to your audience. 

And don’t forget to explain WHY you need ads in the first place. Maybe offer an alternative to those willing to donate. 

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