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Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce: The Future Is Now?

Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce: The Future Is Now?

AI has been everywhere in 2022, from image generation to virtual chats and even artificial coding. It’s a fad, but it’s not going away. We can’t fight it, but we can use it to achieve more goals in 2013. Today we’re covering artificial intelligence in eCommerce.

Artificial intelligence in eCommerce

If you’re a big business and aren’t investing in AI, you’re falling behind. Artificial intelligence is everywhere, making money for the big players. eCommerce is no exception: in 2022 alone, AI has made a considerable impact there; first with big players, and now basically everyone can use it. But how — and why?

Literally every area of your business can improve thanks to AI. No human can match AI’s ability to analyze millions of reports simultaneously, improving customer experience and productivity. Every user’s action can be reviewed to make the UX even better. And in the future, AI chatbots might replace the human element altogether. Well, not might: they certainly will.

We care about AI also because it has massive potential with marketing campaigns. Automation is another reason: optimization, testing, etc., can all be automated for better results. It’s already being done.

On the user’s side, there are already massive changes. Recommendation algorithms have been using AI’s help for quite some time, trying to guess which product your client would want to buy next. Modern AI doesn’t even need that much input from a human operator. It, as they say, just works.

Logistics make use of AI as well, predicting delays, arrivals, etc. The accuracy is quite impressive. The most important part (at least for us) is the ability to predict demand in the future. AI is a great way to stay ahead in the cookie-less future, and without artificial intelligence, there’s no future for eCommerce.

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