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B2B Features Your Business Web Designers Must Know

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Creating B2B resources is a regular job for business web designers. So, if you’re planning such a project, you need to double-check the list of essential elements for a good-looking, high-quality B2B platform. Professional business web designers know a thing about functional UI, but your knowledge will help you specify the instructions and check the project’s quality.

#1 Product Catalog

A B2B resource unites numerous businesses selling their products and services in one place. Thus, a visually appealing and intuitive catalog will always do your website a good favor in helping clients and partners locate what they want.

#2 Shopping Cart

Don’t take this feature light-heartedly, as it may make or break your business. You can derive maximum value from a shopping cart by offering flexible pricing for bundled purchases, reducing prices depending on the purchase volume, and giving loyalty discounts. The cart gives much freedom in customization and personalization of customer experiences.

#3 Search Filter

There’s nothing more frustrating than an absent or cumbersome search filter. So, your business web designers should invest extra effort in making it clear and intuitive.

#4 Frictionless Checkout

The highest number of abandonments occurs when people see that their preferred payment method is missing or have to go through numerous paperwork at the checkout. So, your task is to simplify the process by all means. Add more payment options, reduce the number of steps to a bare minimum, and give users a hint at how many steps they need to take (e.g., a progress bar).

#5 Customer Profile

A great, functional user account is your shortcut to success. Once the clients see all information in a user-friendly format and can track their orders, preferences, and updates in one place, they’re sure to love your resource.

#6 Effective Product Pages

The product’ description is a vital parameter of the B2B marketplace’s success and popularity. Thus, your business web designers should make the pages flexible and appealing so that both businesses and website visitors use them with maximum value.

Let Your Business Web Designers Do the Best

Once you learn more about the functionality of B2B platforms and decide on your project’s characteristics, the process will go much smoother. In most cases, business web designers fail because they cannot figure out what the client needs. Thus, focusing on specific project features can improve communication with your specialists and get the desired B2B design services.

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