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When you approach a web design project, you need to work only with the best partners. Thus, it’s imperative to start working only with a top custom web development firm. But where can you find one, and how to distinguish a good one? Here is the presentation of Beluga Lab and an illustration of what it means to be a top performer in the web design market.

What Can You Expect from a Top Custom Web Development Firm?

As soon as you start selecting a top custom web development firm, it’s vital to look at its figures and stats to make sure that you’re working with the best in the industry. Here are the key parameters to consider in the process.

  • Industry-specific experience

Beluga Lab has been at the forefront of web design service provision for 9+ years, evolving from a small family firm into a leading website development company in New York. Thus, you can count on professionalism and in-depth expertise here.

  • Staff expertise and tech stack

We currently employ 34 talented, seasoned professionals in various spheres of web design and development. Your project will always be handled by a team of experts.

  • Rich portfolio of previous projects

With almost a decade of industry experience, we can boast a huge portfolio of 1,200+ completed websites. The number of our satisfied clients grows every day, with clients getting improved traffic and smoother user experiences with their digital products.

  • Solid reputation

It’s short-sighted to believe what the company says about itself. So, we offer to check 300+ positive reviews about Beluga Lab currently available on numerous review platforms. People talk about us, and you can see the proof of our dedicated work online.

Top-Tier Services We Provide

Web design is a versatile sphere of work, so it’s often hard to find one go-to provider of all services. Here, at Beluga Lab, you’re sure to get all you need from a web agency:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Branding services
  • eCommerce website development

Never Agree to Less

As you can see, fresh and modern web design solutions can win you a loyal customer base in 2022 and beyond. The online space is getting ever more competitive day by day, and it becomes harder than ever to create innovative, attention-grabbing digital products to win the customers’ hearts. Beluga Lab can become your trusted companion in any task related to web design. Come to us today, talk to our managers, and make your first step to winning web design.

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