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Benefits of Responsive Web Development

responsive web development

Companies lure clients with attractive terms such as customer-oriented services, end-to-end website design, website auditing, etc. Responsive web development is one of the terms often mentioned when web development companies advertise their services. This article will help you understand what this term means and determine whether this is something your website lacks.

Responsive Web Development: Definition

This web development/design approach introduces changes to the website’s appearance. These changes aim at ensuring that customers can access the data from any device, from the small smartphone to the large desktop computer. Responsive web development means that the website can adjust quickly to the user’s device. They change the proper screen size and orientation to reflect the content accurately.

Responsiveness is a relatively recent trend, which emerged because of the wide popularity of using multiple devices. For instance, a video that can open on a laptop but reflect only partially on the small smartphone screen, exemplifying the lack of responsive web development. Therefore, companies search for responsive web design that would make their websites more accessible and user-friendly.

Let’s list some of the most benefits of responsive web development:

  • Page elements reshuffling. The content of a web page changes the position based on the user’s device. For example, what may look like a three-column article may transform into a one-column article on a smartphone to make reading easier.
  • Changing positions of background images. If viewed from a small screen, certain visual elements of a responsive website may be hidden or rearranged. As a result, users find it easier to navigate the website.
  • Preserving whitespace. A well-developed website preserves the margins and padding on smaller screens to facilitate reading and prevent users’ eyes from tiring quickly.
  • Intuitive navigation. Responsive web development also enables intuitive navigation, allowing users to find information quickly from any device.
  • Smart content prioritization is also important. It ensures that even when users access the website through a smartphone, they don’t have to scroll endlessly to find what they need.

Traps and Pitfalls

Responsive web development is a valuable approach to improving customer experiences. It can also contribute to inequality in terms of data access. Some companies choose to remove some information from the smartphone version of their website to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing. However, smartphone users may find this decision unfair, so you need to hire professionals that can study your customers well and anticipate their needs.

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