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Best Browser Extensions For Web Developers

Browser Extensions For Web Developers

Web developers care a lot about what browsers they’re using as for them, it’s one of the most valuable tools there is. Chrome remains the undisputed king, but Firefox is also quite popular among the coding crowd. There are tons of other Chromium-based browsers too, which are more secure than Chrome but still support extensions made for it. Those are incredibly useful for web designers. Let’s talk about the very best ones!

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Browser extensions for web developers



Fonts can make or break a website, and finding out what fonts are used on the sites you like is quite a boon. WhatFont does just that: it allows you to identify what fonts are being used on any given page, as well as tells you the exact size, color, and family. It’s a godsend! By the way, you can also use Fonts Ninja for the very same purpose.

Window Resizer

Web developers have to think about websites being responsive, and that’s why the Window Resizer extension is so handy: it allows you easily to resize a screen to a different set of popular sizes. That way, you’ll see how well your creation works on every device, from a MacBook to an iPad.


Testing your site with various browsers is extremely important, but it takes time. The BrowserStack browser extension allows you to simplify the process: just create an account and install the app. It will emulate all popular browsers. 


ColorZilla remains one of the most popular browser extensions among the devs, and for a good reason: it’s a fantastic color picker with tons of features. Combine it with WhatFont, and you’ve got yourself a killer combo.

CSS Peeper

CSS Peeper is an incredible tool for inspecting objects on a website, from buttons to colors. It even extracts assets from the code for you! 


Every web dev needs a portfolio, and the easiest way to present your creations is with a screenshot. You can use Fireshot, which takes pictures of whole web pages. Some browsers can do it themselves, like Firefox’s built-in screenshot tool. 

Markdown New Tab

This one is great for productivity: Markdown New Tab makes it easy to take notes, paste links, etc., using markdown. Just press New Tab! It’s not strictly a developer tool, but it’s convenient when you have many tasks ahead of you and need some organizing. 

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