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Best Figma Plugins For Web Designers

Best Figma Plugins For Web Designers

In a short time, Figma has become THE interface design tool for millions of designers. It’s accessible, versatile, and works in every browser. We can say a lot of good things about Figma, but today we’ll be more specific and talk about plugins. There are a lot of Figma plugins that make the life of a designer a little bit easier.

How do I install plugins for Figma?

The process is relatively easy. Find the one you need, and then access its resource page. There you’ll most likely find the Install button. The next step is obvious.

Best Figma plugins



We’ve already discussed various sites that help you find the best color to complement your design. When working in Figma, you can do it all without leaving the tab, thanks to the Palette plugin. It generates excellent color schemes and allows you to fine-tune any design.


UI designers often use third-party icons to create something exceptional, and the Iconify plugin helps them save time.


Animations in Figma are not really a thing. Well, they were not a thing until Figmotion, which is powerful and easy to use.


A huge site with millions of stock photos, Unsplash is essential in our line of work. Thankfully, a plugin allows you to access it from Figma.

Design Lint

A free open-source plugin, Design Lint is there to fix your errors. Missing text, effects styles, border radius styles — it checks it all. It’s an extremely handy tool.

Rename It

Rename multiple files by applying filters, batch rename your layers, find keywords and much more — Rename It is neat and powerful.


Make any layer isometric. Yep, that’s about it.


Remember the 3D tool that Adobe Illustrator has? Roto does the same thing by allowing you to extrude and rotate shapes.

Table Paste

Export data from Excel spreadsheets — just go to Excel, find what you need, and copy it with the appropriate style.

Vector Maps

Add infinitely scalable vector maps to your designs— any country or city.

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