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Best Google Surveys Alternatives

Google Surveys

When Google kills good products, it surprises literally nobody. That happened to Google Surveys, which is set to disappear forever. That means it’s time to find the best Google Surveys Alternatives for your business. We tried our best.

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Best Google Surveys Alternatives

By the way, a disclaimer: Surveys is not Google Forms; those are safe (for now). 


So, the first alternative we have is called SurveyMonkey. It’s very popular, and for a good reason: there are many features and tools, and it works perfectly with WordPress. There are many templates, integration options, and even a free tier. 

Zoho Forms

Here’s another popular choice: Zoho Forms is good for businesses. It’s easy to use and offers various templates and features. Also, there’s a free plan, and 8 USD/mo really is a great price. 


Another good choice is Paperform, which is excellent for everything from surveys to forms of any kind. The platform has a nifty landing page builder and loads of customization options. And yes, a free plan.


If you need contract forms, Jotform will help. It has a neat UI, a big theme store, and integrations with payment systems. But the monthly price starts at 14 USD, which is a tad much.

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