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Best Screenshot Apps For Mac

Best Screenshot Apps For Mac

Every designer makes tons of screenshots daily, and the easier it is, the better. From creating a snapshot of your screen to annotating, there are a lot of tools to make your life easier. Today we’re talking about the best screenshot apps for Mac. Thankfully, we’re spoiled for choice.

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Best screenshot apps for Mac



There are a lot of apps like Shottr, but what sets it apart is that it’s not only powerful but also completely free. This three-megabyte app can do a lot, from scrolling screenshots to OCR, pixelating certain areas, and picking colors. It’s fully optimized for M1, extremely fast, and lightweight.


Another free app, Lightshot has been out for a while. It’s excellent for taking and annotating screenshots. It has many features, allowing you to draw lines, and add shapes and text. You can even upload your screenshot to cloud storage.

The built-in screenshot app has been a part of macOS ever since Mojave. It’s the most lightweight app there is, and most of the time, you won’t even know you’re using it — just remember a few of the shortcuts. It has a few features we really like, like recording video. Sadly, there aren’t ways to annotate your screenshots, at least not enough.

CleanShot X

Unlike the others on our list, CleanShot X is not free, but the amount of features it adds is genuinely staggering. It has everything you might need from such a tool and will quickly replace the default app. From scrolling screenshots to pinning screenshots, it’s huge and offers a myriad of options.


Sure, it’s not free, but Snagin is packed full of features. It’s perfect for annotations. Different fonts, effects, and tools make it almost like a graphic editor. It takes all kinds of screenshots, including scrolling ones. It can even recognize text on images. It’s only real drawback is that it’s expensive.

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