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Best Static Website Generators

Best Static Website Generators

We’ve already discussed the best content management systems, and today we are continuing our discussion about static sites. There are quite a few builders out there, and we tried to list the best static website generators to use in 2022. 

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Best static website generators

We love static websites: they are swift and quite often look unlike anything else. And with the help of generators, you can speed up creating your dream site. That way, you get plugins, themes, documentation, and everything in between. 


Pelican is free and open-source. What else do you need? If that’s not enough for you, this Python-based tool offers a lot of templates, supports feeds, and importing from WordPress. There are many plugins, too. Just have to learn Python first!


They say Hugo is the fastest generator on the web, and we’re inclined to agree. It is fast, boasts hundreds of themes, and optimizes SEO like nobody’s business. It’s also open-source and free. What’s not to love?


It’s proven, simple to use, and free. Jekyll has been around since 2008, and since then, its army of admirers has only been growing. It uses Liquid language for its themes and boasts fantastic documentation.


Static websites are harder to build for those of us who aren’t tech-savvy. Publii is there to help if coding is not something you enjoy doing day and night. Unlike most others, Publii has a traditional UI and ditches command lines. It might be the worst thing in the world or the best thing, depending on who you are. (It’s also free!)


Another easy-to-learn generator, Eleventy, is there to make your life easier. It’s pretty feature-rich, but it’s also straightforward to use, free, and supports a variety of languages. We quite like the simplicity, but as a result, it’s not as powerful as some of the alternatives. 

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