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Best UX Websites: Top 5 User Goals

UX websites

Everyone wants to create the best UX websites. But how to achieve this effect? What features distinguish the best UX websites from the rest of the overcrowded digital marketplace? Here is a definitive guide to improving your UX with a few core user goals to discuss with your UX designer.

What Is UX?

The first thing to understand is that usability has nothing to do with UX. Or, it would be better to say that they are related but different, with UI and UX constituting two distinct aspects of the website’s design. Thus, it would be best to have both UX and UI included in your web design strategy to achieve market success.

The UX, as the acronym suggests, is the user experience with your web resource. While the website may be highly usable and intuitive, it may not arouse the pleasure of use in the target audience, thus resulting in a failure. The UX of your website will be higher if it is usable, accessible, valuable, findable, cross-platform compatible, and desirable, among other features. How to achieve this? Read on to find out.

What Distinguishes Best UX Websites?

To invest in your new product’s UX, you need to keep the end-user goals in mind. With what goals do you expect users to come to your website? What do you want them to get, and how will you achieve that? Here are the user goals in line with which the best UX websites were created.

#1 Efficiency

The app should perform its purpose, and that’s the basis of its success. Make it clear what pain you want to solve and give the solution to users – as simple as that.

#2 Fun

Entertainment rules the world today, and even banking apps use various fun elements to keep users engaged. Experiment with various fun tools to see what works best with your target users, and you will get valuable points to your UX level.

#3 Sense of Progress

People like gamification elements in all kinds of digital products. You can maximize the UX by adding manageable challenges, giving progress points, and praising users for successes.

#4 Social Networking

Even if your product is not a social platform, try to maximize people’s chances to share their experiences and reviews. It’s a win-win situation for social creatures and you, getting free promotion from users.

#5 Simplicity

When users find a new entertaining app, they don’t want to think. They just want to have fun. And that’s what you can give them by using user psychology and incorporating it into the design. Include a minimum of steps for achieving the outcomes; make the procedures simple and clear; focus on interactivity. Here you go with a recipe for an ideal product.

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