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Best Web Design Books In 2022

Best web design books in 2022

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or not: learning never ends when dealing with web design. The best are always looking for inspiration, and a good book is as good a source now as ever. Today we’ll look at some of the best web design books in 2022.

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Best web design books in 2022


Refactoring UI by Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger

This is not a book that was released in 2022, but it’s still as good as ever. It’s aimed at developers who are looking to improve their game. It’s also suitable for designers who previously worked only in print. There is tons of great advice, the language is good, and the amount of useful tips is staggering.

Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

Yes, this one is positively ancient, but a good book is rarely obsolete. That is why Steve Krug’s words still ring true after all those years. The revisited edition shares much wisdom about web design and principles of intuitive navigation. It’s also a good read in itself.

You Don’t Know JS Yet by Kyle Simpson

You Don’t Know JS Yet is a series of books on JavaScript. It’s a great read and very informative for newbies and veterans alike. And they are also entirely free, being self-published through GetiPub publishing. But you can buy physical books as well.

Think Like a UX Researcher: How to Observe Users, Influence Design, and Shape Business Strategy by David Travis

It’s another good one both for oldies and newbies. It’s all about UX, with smart, complex ideas presented in a very intuitive way. The language is also quite good, with lots of industry anecdotes. You can tell the author is very passionate about his profession.

The Design of Web APIs by Arnaud Lauret

You gotta like laconic titles, don’t you? The book by Arnaud Lauret is all about the subject of API design, written in simple, easy-to-digest language. The author shares lots of examples without overwhelming the reader. 

Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design by Jenifer Tidwell 

Once again, the title speaks for itself. It’s a fantastic book about mobile and web interfaces, with an introduction to interaction design. It’s good no matter what you’re working on, from an app to a site or an enterprise system. 

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