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Best WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugins

Best WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugins

No matter your opinion on cryptocurrencies, more and more users will demand that your website support it. To make them happy, you can use one of the numerous available plugins. Today we list some of the best WordPress cryptocurrency plugins you can use.

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Some of the best WordPress cryptocurrency plugins


Let’s start with CryptoWoo, which, as the name implies, works best with WooCommerce websites. It’s a powerful plugin that supports Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other popular options. There are no redirects to third-party websites, which is massive! 


FCFPay works great as well. It supports tons of cryptocurrencies and works without a hitch. There’s support for automatic exchange, and the ease of use is definitely a plus. 


Blockonomics is another good one: it’s a decentralized system that works with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and everything in between. Crypto goes into the user’s wallet; it’s all very secure and fast. Most importantly, the plugin needs no customer data, which means no security concerns.


GoUrl is an online payment system that has one trick up its sleeve: it can be integrated with your site without external pages. It’s both convenient and secure. GoUrl has a few plugins, actually, We prefer the GoUrl WooCommerce plugin.

Bitcoin Calculator

Bitcoin Calculator is a handy… calculator, as the name implies. It can easily display the price of 30 different currencies.

Coin Table

Finally, Coin Table is handy as well: it can show info about hundreds of cryptocurrencies on your website. It also knows more than 150 official currencies. It’s also fast and customizable. 

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