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Best WordPress Page Builders in 2022

Best WordPress Page Builders

WordPress is a massive CMS with enormous popularity. Makes sense: it’s the most powerful and versatile content management system out there, and we at Beluga use it all the time. It’s also accessible: even newbies can build a simple site thanks to plugins. But what are the best WordPress page builders?

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Best WordPress Page Builders

By default, WP has enough templates to get you going, but if you want to make something more bespoke, you can use page builders — plugins for web page customization. There are a lot of those. Some are free, some have different tiers. Basic features are usually free, so you can always try them before buying.


We might not like it, but not mentioning it is impossible: Elementor is the most popular drag-and-drop builder there is. It’s powerful, easy to use, and free. What’s not to like? Of course, the free tier is somewhat limited.


DIvi is another popular choice, in many ways, thanks to the video embed feature. The pages end up looking professional, and using it is quite easy, too. There’s even an audio player feature; we’re not fond of it, but lots of clients really like it.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

A straightforward name — straightforward plugin. Page Builder by SiteOrigin does what the name implies: lets users create great-looking pages. It’s very popular, with over 1 million downloads, in many ways thanks to the price: the premium tier costs only $29.


If you want more control, Oxygen is for you. It still has drag-and-drop functionality, but it also allows coding and more extensive stuff than most builders allow. It’s a builder for those who already have some experience. Sadly, it’s not cheap.

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