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Bluesky Vs. Twitter: Who Will Win?


Social networks are something many of us prefer to avoid, except that we can’t, being web developers. We have to know what’s up and recently, we’ve been asked a lot whether Twitter is dying. The short answer is: not right now, no. But more and more competitors start to appear, some of them, like Bluesky, even attracting an army of users. And you you want to be ahead of the curve, you have to know these things.

Bluesky: Twitted Un-Musked

Social media are extremely important for marketing, and there’s a reason every business has an account on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. But what is Bluesky?

We’ve already talked about Twitter in the Elon Musk era. In short, it’s a mess: constant firings and re-hirings, change of policies, and total chaos made not only regular users quit but companies, too. To pay or not to pay for Twitter Blue? Amidst all this, new competitors started appearing, built around decentralization. Most, if not all, of these Twitterlikes are doomed. But some already achieved more than others.

Bluesky is Twitter-like for a reason: it was Twitter that made it in 2021. Originally a “project aimed at developing an ‘open and decentralized standard for social media,” it became a separate entity after separating from the company that invested $13 million in it. 

What does Bluesky have that others lack? First, users. Right now, it is the 7th most downloaded social media app, which makes it even more popular than Mastodon, previously the biggest Twitter alternative. That’s impressive, especially considering it’s a closed beta and only accepts users with invites.

Writing about “the next big thing” that will replace the current leaders can become tiring, but as more and more people become unhappy with Twitter, we can’t but look with interest at some of the alternatives. At first glance, Bluesky is nothing special, but it already has a large user base and a set of principles that appeal to people like me. Less misleading information, a more healthy approach to content? Yes, please. We don’t know what awaits Bluesky in the future, but we know we’ll be rooting for it.

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