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Building Teacher Websites: What Sets Them Apart

Building Teacher Websites: What Sets Them Apart

In 2023, most specialists need a way to showcase their achievements on the web. Teachers particularly need a way to communicate with students and share resources. But building a teacher website can be daunting. Where to begin?

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Building Teacher Websites: Why?

Usually, such a website serves as a portfolio of work, but it can be much more. Teachers can expand their brand and establish credibility with a good web presence. A website can also help engage with an audience and interact with students and their parents. It can generate additional income by selling courses, books, etc.

How to build a teacher website?

Building any website can be overwhelming — there’s so much to consider. Most modern platforms are good enough, but even they take time and dedication. We suggest asking a professional to help; we at Beluga have built quite a few websites like that and know exactly what you need.

Of course, there are other options, like online course platforms. Those are great if you have a specific goal, like selling courses. You can use Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, and other such platforms to establish your presence. But even then, having a separate website is advisable as it gives you more authority and credibility.

In the end, it doesn’t matter much what platforms you use. The important part is not to make others’ mistakes: not having a clear purpose and message, not updating and maintaining the website, not addressing students’ misconceptions, or ignoring web design principles. Once you have a website, it’s up to you to keep it afloat.

Creating teacher websites requires clarity, conciseness, professionalism, informativeness, engagement, relevancy, and regular updates. Fortunately, numerous tools and platforms, such as website builders or online course platforms, make building these websites an easy task.

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