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Business Email Address Examples: How To Look Professional

Business Email Address Examples: How To Look Professional

We’ve already discussed how important it is to use email marketing for your eCommerce website. It’s not a new tool, but it still works. Today we’re showing the best business email address examples to help you look professional in your client’s eyes.

Business email address examples


No fancy names

We always get this question: “what cool email address can I use to stand out?” The answer is, sadly, never to use a cool address. The more unique it is, the more problems you’ll create for yourself. 

You need your address to be practical and recognizable. For example, is excellent for a business as it looks official. And if you use an automated system, you should send mail from Self-explanatory names are the best.

The main idea is that your address should always be unambiguous and practical. Having a good email address is much more important than you might think.

When in doubt, use your name

Using your name might not seem “cool,” but that’s actually a good way of creating a memorable and, most importantly, informative address. And there are choices: you can go with the first name basis ( or the last name ( Which to choose depends on your type of business: a blogger can go with the first name, but a serious eCommerce website can opt for the last name as it looks more official.

Choosing a last name is also a good option for a company with many people. Using both names is an option, but mainly for a smaller company. An address like looks excellent and professional, but some people have longer names that don’t look as good. In that situation, you can shorten it to make it look neater.

As you can see, it’s not very exciting: when it comes to business email address examples, the best we can offer is advice to never go with the fancy and “cool” variants. Be practical. It’s always great to stand out… except for this time.

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