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Changes From Google: New Helpful Content Algorithm Will Devalue SEO-Optimized Content

Changes From Google: New Helpful Content Algorithm Will Devalue SEO-Optimized Content

Google is never still, and recently the company announced its update. What kind of update? Helpful Update! Its aim so to promote quality content and devalue content written with SEO in mind.

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What is Helpful Content?

Even before, Google was doing a lot to change how it ranks pages. But before the search engine targeted specific pages. Now the ranking is sitewide. So if you post too many overly optimized texts with little to no value, your ranking will decrease drastically. 

Interestingly, we haven’t been given much time to prepare: the update goes live in less than a week. We aren’t worried, though: you should never create a website without quality content in the first place. 

According to Google, the “helpful content update” will ensure that people will see original and helpful content. This should help with plagiarism, which has been a big problem for a while.

What constitutes “unhelpful” content?

We don’t know exactly, but mostly it’s content with too many keywords and not enough value. Every piece of content you have should serve a purpose and not exist solely for promoting your site. Google is getting better at recognizing the difference.

Be careful: even if you remove all “bad” content, Google might notice only after a while. It’s an automated process, possible thanks to machine learning. And for now, it only concerns English-language content. 

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