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Cheap Domain Names And Where To Find Them

Cheap Domain Names And Where To Find Them

Every website needs a good and preferably cheap domain name. Finding the one that suits you can be difficult and, more often than not, costly. Today the topic of our conversation is as straightforward as possible: where you can find cheap domain names. 

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Cheap domain names

I knew many users who went searching for the cheapest platform, not realizing that the price mainly depended on the exact name they were looking for. If you already know a specific name you need, be prepared to pay from $10 to 20 for it. Not too bad — after all, it’s an investment. Of course, there are more expensive names and much cheaper ones. 

The price also depends on the top-level domain. Your dotcoms and dotorgs are much more expensive than specific ones like .shop, .sbs, or .xyz. But beware: while more fancy domain names are all allowed, Google doesn’t like them that much, sometimes considering them “spammy.” It varies; the search engines do tend to be more suspicious of less popular top-level domain names.

The list of the places where you can find the names

  • Cloudflare
  • PorkBun
  • Google Domains
  • Namecheap
  • Cosmotown
  • Epik
  • Hover
  • Dynadot

Good luck!

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