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Cheap Responsive Web Design: Does It Exist?

cheap responsive web design

Sometimes, there is a huge gap in meaning between the words “cheap” and “affordable,” especially when it comes to web design. If to spend some time on research, you can find a multitude of so-called custom web designers claiming that they can create for you cheap responsive web design in short order.

To tell the truth, “cheap” almost always gives rise to doubt rather than inspires confidence. However, maybe we are too critical. In this blog post, we want to talk about the nature of cheapness in the world of web design & development. So, what is it, and does it really exist?

Cheap responsive web design: truth or myth

Technically, cheap responsive web design exists, but what you get in the end may marginally differ from what you expect. The thing is that a fully responsive website is quite a task even for professionals, to say nothing of unqualified designers or entry-level freelancers. The chances are high that when you are reaching out to such “professionals,” you are very likely to end up with a cheap-looking website design with underdeveloped responsiveness.

Given such an outcome, you will pay twice as much to rebuild your website or just start everything from scratch. Unfortunately, this is a running practice nowadays, and that’s why we are for the idea that every buyer should know the real price of what they get. At Beluga Lab, we always try to satisfy the needs of our clients, which results in favorable feedback and reviews. Now, let’s imagine you want a cheap responsive web design, but you have no desire to walk on thin ice. What should you do? There is a way!

Proven ways to build a cheap web design

When you are limited in budget, but you still need a website, two simple things can help you: templates and free website builders.

Cheap or free website builders

Today’s industry offers a large selection of cheap web design builders. Take WordPress, Wix, or Ucraft, for example. They can become a solid foundation for further development. 


If you cannot afford a custom web development firm, you might consider templates instead. They can look not that original and unique, but you can always customize them.

One thing is crystal clear: cheap responsive web design is a bad investment in your business. Even though there are rare exceptions to the rule, you simply put yourself at unjustified risk when you hire frankly cheap website designers.

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