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Cheap Web Designers: Where Are They? (And Why It’s Better Not To Know)

Cheap Web Designers: Where Are They?

Affordable but good — isn’t that the dream? No matter what we’re looking for — a toaster, a new eCommerce platform, a pair of jeans — we never want to overpay. And in the world of web design, people are constantly looking for ways to save. Amazing but relatively cheap web designers must be somewhere out there, right? Well…

Cheap web designers — where are they?

There are a lot of web designers out there. No matter where you look, everyone seems capable enough to create at least a decent static one-page website. Some promise to build a whole eCommerce platform by themselves — sometimes in a matter of weeks.

Trust us: if it sounds too good to be true, it most certainly is. But it doesn’t mean there are no excellent web designers that cost reasonable money. If you look hard enough, you can find a fantastic developer who is just starting and is looking for good reviews or references. But anyone who has any experience immediately changes their rates. Good work is never cheap, and self-respecting professionals won’t work for pennies.

Unfortunately, it’s either high quality or low price. You have to choose. You can’t expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a job that requires a few thousand. There will always be takers, but the quality of their work will never live up to your standards.

But what about ChatGPT and other AIs? Can’t they replace web developers altogether?

The short answer is no. Not now, and probably not ever. We were already there ten years ago when site builders were new and seemed to offer a way to say goodbye to high-paid professionals. But in the end, all they did was create a new niche for freelancers. ChatGPT is the same: it can write code, but that code is never finished and needs a human to fix all of its errors. The new AI tools will help the developers to work faster, but they won’t replace them.

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