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Collaborative Web Apps Are Everywhere. What Makes Them So Popular?

Collaborative Web Apps Are Everywhere. What Makes Them So Popular?

The world of apps is a complicated one. What is a program, and what is an app? Most users can’t tell you. And what is a web app, and why are those so popular? Today we are talking about Collaborative Web Apps that have been making rounds for quite a few years already. What makes them so valuable among professionals?

Collaborative Web Apps: what are they?

First of all, let’s talk about web apps. A few years back they were new and not quite understood. In fact, many of us didn’t know the true power of web apps. 

Hell, even professionals didn’t: remember when Figma just arrived in 2016 and everybody believed it will never lift off as a “web-only” app? Look at it now, being valued at 20 billion. 

There are a lot of web apps, from Gmail to Facebook, but what made Figma so popular is its collaborative nature. In 2022, it’s way ahead of Sketch or Adobe XD. 

Why? Because it’s totally independent of platforms or hardware, being available on every web browser. And that’s where the future is: in the cloud, where everyone can collaborate, whether on a PC, Mac, or a cellphone. 

Nothing else offers such frictionless collaboration when you don’t need to send huge files or back anything up — one link is enough. And we are pretty sure that in the future, all major apps will get a web-based version.

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