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Competencies to Look for in Web Developers

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If you’re a business owner, the moment of hiring web developers for your digital resource’s launch will come sooner or later. People new to web design may find it hard to distinguish key competencies and skills from secondary ones. So, the experts of the Beluga Lab design agency have compiled a handy guide for everyone looking for skilled, capable web designers for their next project.

Instrumental Competencies of Web Developers

To be able to complete their professional tasks well, web developers should possess the following mandatory minimum of skills.

#1 Digital Literacy

It’s the basic skill of every person dealing with digital products. One cannot call themselves an expert if they don’t know how digital systems function.

#2 Solid Numeracy Skills

Coding relies on math in many aspects, so people without numeracy skills will hardly excel in this profession.

#3 Creativity

Web design and development are mostly about creating new, unusual digital products. Thus, you need to assess the portfolios of web developers you’re considering for the job to see whether they’re creative and original enough to come up with a unique product idea for you.

#4 Problem-Solving and Communication

Web developers often face the need to solve technical and design problems, collaborating with other members of your team. Thus, they need to manage conflict proactively and have solid problem-solving skills to perform the job well.

#5 Understanding of UX/UI Principles

User interface (UI) has gained prominence in the modern web development sphere, as it affects the user experience (UX) with your product and determines whether the users will leave or stay. Thus, it’s imperative that web developers create digital products based on the usability considerations and with a strong focus on end-user needs.

#6 SEO Competence

SEO is the key to a good standing of your resource in search engines, which means that users will find it. Thus, we recommend choosing developers only with strong SEO competence and skills.

#7 Knowledge of Programming Languages

It goes without saying that developers should know their work tools perfectly. This goes for programming languages – such as JavaScript or Ajax for front-end development and C#, PHP, or Java for backend development.

#8 Web Server Knowledge

After development, your app or website should be hosted on a web server, which will be its digital home. Thus, a developer you choose should be experienced in working with web servers, understanding how they function, and able to make all necessary adjustments underway.

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