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Cool And Helpful Websites For You To Enjoy

Cool And Helpful Websites For You To Enjoy

Internet is a wondrous place, but even with Google it’s tough to find something truly interesting and exciting. As you might have guessed, we love the web and always look for more glorious examples of ingenious design. And today, we’ll share a few of our recent favorites. So, without further ado, here’s our list of helpful websites.

Cool and helpful websites for you to enjoy



True, there are TONS of websites that allow you to create color palettes, yet we still aren’t bored with them. Khroma is a new fascinating site that uses AI to learn about your preferences, after which it’ll offer you the limitless number of palettes. 

For that to work, you’ll have to enter 50 of your favorite colors. Yes, 50! Meanwhile, I have a problem figuring out just one color I like above the rest. Still, it’s an elegant tool that can create unlimited color combos.

Web Design Museum

I was so happy to discover Web Design Museum! For years I’ve been using the Wayback Machine to learn about the past of famous websites. But Web Design Museum makes it so much easier with clean UI and an easy way to search. But it’s not only a way to reminisce but also a great way to learn about past trends and find new inspirations for your work. 

Discover Quickly

We love web design, but music helps us enormously. And sooner or later, you get tired of artists you know. Spotify is great at making recommendations, but it, too, is limited. That’s why Discover Quickly is so great: it’s a fantastic way of discovering exactly the sort of music you want to find. Genres, charts, release dates — it has it all, and we especially love seeing truly underrated artists from various countries. 


I bet you’ve seen the works of this little AI all over the internet. We found it before Reddit, and now that site is full of AI-drawn atrocities. Still, it’s a beautiful demo of what an AI can do. The mini version is relatively primitive, while the main, closed-off version is so good it’s scary. But still, dalle-mini can take any prompt, however bizarre, and make a picture out of it. Scary, inspiring, both — you decide, but it’s definitely interesting.

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