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Creating Web Design Portfolio: 5 Practical Tips to Follow

What makes a successful web designer? First and foremost, it is a portfolio. Every client judges your skills and expertise by your previous projects and experience. It is no wonder that many beginners try to do everything possible and impossible to create a convincing web design portfolio to make a great impression. The web design industry is a very competitive niche, so you need to make yourself as presentable as possible. The following five practical tips will help you rise to the occasion.

Creating web design portfolio: 5 practical tips to follow

1. Pick the right format

Everything starts with a presentation. It is your chance to show off your web design skills to potential clients. Whether it is an online resume, a brochure, or a showcase, you should be very attentive to details to provide the visitors with the best viewing experience.

2. Don’t just show content, explain it

A web design portfolio without a description is a bad waste of time. When you present your works, make sure you provide a little bit of attractive information to make images prettier. That is how you advertise your custom web design services.

3. Avoid templates

Using or modifying WordPress templates or any website templates is probably the worst way to advertise yourself. Even if you don’t do custom web design, you can demonstrate how skillful you are at web designing with website builders. There is not much sense in featuring web design that anyone else can do.

4. Quality over quantity

Some web designers believe that they can impress their clients with the number of websites they have produced. In reality, though, the only thing that matters is the quality of your web design portfolio and not the number of templates you present. It is better to show several good ones rather than a myriad of bad ones.

5. Show how multi-skilled you are

Last but not least, the more diverse portfolio you have, the better. If you are a qualified expert, you should show that you can work miracles with responsive web design, ecommerce web design, and corporate website design, among others.

If you follow these tips thoroughly, you will be able to create an effective web design portfolio that will attract potential clients at first sight. A portfolio is more than just a showcase of your skills; it is the guarantee that you are a professional website designer who can rise to the challenge and handle any task effectively.

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