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CSS Web Design, Explained

CSS web design

When you hire a web agency to create a modern, functional, and sleek website for you, you may often come across the term ‘CSS web design.’ It’s a popular tool for designing web resources, used along with HTML to create seamless user experiences and impressive functionality. But what exactly does CSS do for your website? And what do you get from it? Here’s a quick intro to CSS web design from Beluga Lab experts.

CSS Web Design: What Does It Entail?

Let’s start with the definition. CSS is an acronym for Cascading Sheet Styles, which is a stylesheet language used for the user-friendly presentation of HTML and XML pages. In a nutshell, CSS is used to describe how the elements of your web design should be displayed on the screen. Thus, with the help of CSS settings, you can determine:

  • the font
  • the color scheme
  • the size of images and fonts
  • the spacing of content
  • splitting of content into columns or sections
  • addition of animation and its activation
  • any visual effects

The most common purposes for CSS use in web design include simple and hassle-free styling of your text and setting specific CSS layouts for the textual and visual content organization.


One thing to keep in mind is that both HTML and CSS are not programming languages as such. Returning to its definition, you should note that it’s a language specifically used for styling your website sheets, so it’s a handy tool for organizing the HTML components of your resource.

CSS can quickly introduce styling changes to your web pages with the help of its unique coding approach called the ruleset, or rule. The latter starts with a selector, the specific HTML element you want to format. The declaration is a specific property you want to assign to the selector. The properties part indicates the change you want to make.

For example, your selector is a paragraph, your declaration is font color, and the selected property is red. As a result of applying this ruleset, you will change the font color of a particular paragraph to red.

Why Choose CSS for Your Web Resources?

As you can see, CSS turns your website into what it looks like, giving it a unique style, color scheme, and layout. The wise use of CSS is a fundamental basis for creating user-friendly and appealing UIs, which is sure to increase your website’s popularity and improve its UX across all domains.

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