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Custom Ecommerce Design vs. Template: Which One to Use?

custom ecommerce design

Every business owner planning to launch a digital resource for their company seeks the best-tailored solutions for online presence and effective conversion of website visitors into active buyers. Thus, an effective solution is a custom ecommerce design, which is an individualized solution fitting unique business needs and profiles. But what is custom ecommerce design overall, and does it fit you at present? The team of Beluga Lab offers an informed comparison and discussion of various approaches to designing your ecommerce website in this article.

What Is Custom Ecommerce Design?

The meaning of the term “custom” is the unique tailoring of web design solutions to each business based on the thorough analysis of business strategy, requirements, and goals. A genuinely customized website typically includes:

  • the incorporation of custom business logic.
  • voice assistance to users.
  • personalization of customer preferences.
  • advanced, dynamic pricing algorithms depending on the user behavior and choice.
  • custom data analytics informing further customization.
  • AR-powered user experiences.
  • SEO-friendly web design.
  • intuitive website navigation.
  • advanced content adjustments based on user preferences.
  • numerous customer loyalty, retention, and engagement campaigns.

As you can see, the development of custom ecommerce design takes time and is very costly in most cases. All web design and functionality aspects are coded from scratch, without applying ready-made solutions. As a result, the client gets a unique ecommerce resource attracting customers not only with the brand’s products but also with the unique shopping experience and advanced usability of the website.

Benefits of Custom Ecommerce Design

The key benefit of customized solutions is their flexibility. As a business owner, you always want to have options. Thus, getting a template-based website is quick and affordable. Still, that website is sure to be fixed and rigid in design and functions. As a result, you will be urged to develop a new website as soon as your business grows, and you want to add new functionality to your web resource.

Second, a vital benefit of customized ecommerce resources is their higher conversion rate. Visitors like such websites much more and develop trust and loyalty for the brand quicker. Consequently, you get more loyal, active customers within a shorter period of time, enjoying greater revenue flows.

Third, a custom solution gives you a unique niche in your industry sector. By having a recognizable, highly functional website, you’re sure to enjoy good publicity and see greater numbers of visitors day by day.

Why Use Website Templates?

Obviously, the custom ecommerce design is not a solution for everyone. Startups on a budget that need to launch a website quickly won’t benefit from this option. However, as your business grows and becomes more stable, we recommend investing time, effort, and money in the creation of a one-of-a-kind website for your loyal consumers.

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