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Custom Web Design: Top Pros and Cons

custom web design

Are you considering custom web design? Probably, you’ve heard many positive reviews of this approach to creating your unique business resource. But what are the issues that web agencies may hide from you? What considerations should precede ordering the top-notch, expensive customized web resource? Here are some vital guidelines to keep in mind.

Pros of Custom Web Design

As soon as you decide to go for custom web design, you’re sure to reap the following benefits of this decision.


A custom-tailored website will be created specifically for your business needs, so you can be sure that every aspect matches your vision. By designing all features from scratch, you will achieve the seamless operation of a complex system.


Custom web design guarantees that you have a one-of-a-kind resource. This competitive advantage is unrivalled as many companies struggle to make a difference and stand apart from a crowd of competitors. If you have a custom digital product, your clients will surely appreciate it.

End-to-end Assistance

As a rule, a company that works on your website’s creation undertakes its maintenance and updates as well, freeing you from the need to go through this hassle alone.

Cons of Custom Website Design

However, this approach also involves some drawbacks that may serve as real bummers for some business owners. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Lengthier Production

Custom websites may take several months, if not years, to complete because of the complex features and design they typically have.

Higher Costs

Custom web development takes more time and resources to design, so be ready to pay a pretty penny for such a project.

Dependence on the Development Team

It’s hard to find a skilled and talented development team, so you may spend much time looking for the right developer for your project.


The agency that creates a custom web design for you typically remains with you for updates and maintenance, which may be quite costly. Changing the team may be problematic as the new specialists don’t know the ins and outs of your resource’s back-end.

Is There a Golden Middle?

Yes, there’s always a golden middle when we talk about custom web design. Why not use the WordPress template and add some customized elements and features to it? You’re sure to add a unique touch to your new digital resource, while at the same time including the features you wanted. Such a website won’t cost you a fortune and will take less time to develop from scratch. Thus, you have all chances to get a unique product with flexible features and functionality while focusing on the cost- and time-efficiency of development.

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