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Custom Web Development vs. WordPress Template

Custom Web Development

One of the questions, which every would-be website owner stumbles across, is whether to opt for custom web development or use a WordPress template when building a website. In fact, such a choice is of vital importance because it influences the entire process of web designing and web developing from the very start. If that is what you are worrying about right now, we have prepared the analysis of these two common approaches to website production. Check it out and decide what’s best for you!

Custom Web Development vs. WordPress Template

Custom web development

If you want your website to be created from scratch, you won’t find anything better than this. Custom website development is an outsider in terms of popularity, and yet it comes across as an indispensable choice if your requirements and expectations are high. The fact is that template-based websites are no match for custom-built ones because templates are limited by their nature while the custom approach has almost no limits.

That said, you cannot create a custom website on the cheap because, as a rule, it requires more time and resources. Moreover, you need to find a custom web development company that is competent enough to translate all of your ideas into code. In this case, professional web development companies are highly preferable, while inexperienced freelancers might not be the best choice. Summing up, we have the following picture:


  • Originality
  • Adaptability
  • Sophistication
  • Security
  • Better brand development
  • Higher speed of a webpage


  • Higher price
  • Complexity
  • Time expenditure

WordPress template

With a WordPress template, everything is much easier. Sometimes, you don’t even need to use WordPress development services offered by companies but create a website on your own. Still, if you are working with professionals, you are guaranteed to have more impressive results.

Yes, WordPress template doesn’t give you as much as what you get when using custom web development services. However, WordPress is still a decent website builder providing a wide list of plugins for your website and offering a magnitude of nice themes for choice. But be ready to spend quite a time to make your website look unique, flexible, and secure. Here are the general pros and cons of WordPress for better understanding:


  • Cheapness
  • Easiness
  • Quick development
  • Lots of plugins and themes


  • Security risks
  • Limited functionality
  • SEO-unfriendly design

Our verdict

Now, you have enough information to decide whether to go with a WordPress template or custom web development. All that is left is to make a final choice after weighing all the pros and cons. Feel free to contact Beluga Lab if you have any questions!

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