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Do I Need A Blog? Web Designer’s Perspective

Do I Need A Blog? Web Designer’s Perspective

Blogs seem to be everywhere, although I keep hearing more and more about how they are old-fashioned or even obsolete. Don’t believe those lies: in fact, blogs are as important as ever, and today we’ll discuss why your website might need one. Do I need a blog? I hear that question offer. Let’s think about it together.

Do I need a blog? Why?

There are various reasons why you might need a blog. Well, “need” might be a strong word, but it will be good for your online presence if you can afford to add it. Here are some reasons people add blogs to their sites.

They increase your credibility

Most companies, from American Express to web design firms like us, post blogs to increase their credibility. Sharing one’s knowledge is always a great way to both help your visitors and attract attention to what you can offer. We write mostly about web design — something we love and know. You can write (or hire people) about something you know or about something that’s connected to your website.

They bring more traffic

Traffic is king; that much is certain. There are different ways of attracting organic visitors, and a blog is one of the most efficient ones. They are great SEO tools; the more you post, the higher your website will rank. Fresh, original content makes your site more valuable in the eyes of people and search engines. It’s a win-win situation, really.

Blogs + comments = profit

We’ve already written about a potential of a comment section on a website. In short, you might want to think about it, because comments open whole new ways of interacting with your potential customers. And the more you have comments… the higher your site ranks, correct. Respond to every single comment, and reap the reward.

It’s a constant boost

Okay, we’ve already mentioned traffic, but bear with us. While your blog does help you gain more users and visitors, it can also be a permanent boost in the long term. Nobody really thinks about the long-term, but unlike, say, ads, the effects of a single blog post can linger for years and years. As long as your blog is online, you’ll be getting new visitors. It’s a huge reward for a minimal expense.

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