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Does Your Business Need To Pay For Twitter Blue?

Does Your Business Need To Pay For Twitter Blue?

Twitter has been at the forefront of one scandal after another, but in the end, it’s still a massive platform no business can completely ignore. But is it worth paying for the dreaded Twitter Blue? Well, as always, it depends.

Does your business need to pay for Twitter Blue?

Before we begin, let’s discuss the kinds of Twitter ticks. Elon Musk is not making things easier for anyone, that’s for sure. So, there are your usual blue ticks. They can mean either that Twitter previously verified the account or that the user is a subscriber. The gold rick means the account belongs to an officially verified business. The grey tick is for government officials.

Right now, Twitter Blue costs $8 per month. Not a substantial sum, but still, there are better ways to spend it. And before you take the plunge, better consider whether your business needs it. We can’t give you a definite answer, but there are some things you need to think about.

First of all, think about your target audience. Everything depends on whether it’s young, progressive, tech-savvy, etc. Adding the blue tick confirms that you’re a real account people can trust, but many companies refuse to pay for it, to the utter happiness of their subscribers. Why? Because there are people who consider “shilling” for Twitter Blue a sign of weakness or a cry for attention. If your audience is young and relatively tech-savvy, you better avoid Twitter Blue. Make a statement about refusing to pay for such a meaningless thing. But it all depends on the type of business you have. In other instances, the blue tick can be beneficial to you.

Twitter Blue has other benefits—for example, access to new features. Early access can be beneficial; right now, all subscribers can utilize the Edit feature. 

Another important benefit is identity theft protection. Copycats can ruin your day in a number of ways, and paying for a subscription adds another layer of protection. 

Ultimately, we can’t say whether Twitter Blue is worth it or not in the long run. So far, we can predict that it will increase user engagement and help your brand grow. But it all also depends on the kind of business you run and what your audience expects of you. Paying for such a controversial feature sends a message, and you must ensure it’s the one your brand needs to send. Sometimes not doing anything is the right option.

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