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Does Your Website Need A Dark Mode?

Does Your Website Need A Dark Mode?

The dark mode is something a particularly loud minority on the internet wants very much. So much so that they voice their opinion everywhere they can. But do your ordinary visitors need you to implement it?

What is dark mode

In 2022, dark mode is considered quite a regular feature for most mobile apps. Even computers aren’t lagging far behind. But websites aren’t rushing to offer choice. There are not a lot of those that do. Why is that?

It’s hard to say. Having a choice in the matter is always preferable, but white remains the primary color of the web. Some people have issues reading white text on a black background. It also can cause problems for people with astigmatism. Not everyone wants to risk that.

But a choice is usually good — and most people would agree. Recent polls show that people support dark themes more and more — they even expect it.

Why? The reason is a personal preference for the most part, but also it’s practical, too, since more and more devices use OLED screens. Devices like the modern iPhones take much less energy when showing dark content, which helps to extend their battery life. The dark mode also reduces eye strain, especially at night — that’s why YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. all have the night mode. So, your site having dark mode shows your users that you care about them. So the reason to include it might be psychological, too.

But wait. Netflix, YouTube… what do they have in common. They are for entertainment, not for displaying lots of text. So if your site is informative and relies on text content, think before adding the dark mode. It’s hard to read white on black.

In the end, the choice is up to you. Every website is unique. Some are a great fit, but some (with bright colors and lots of text) make little sense when using the dark mode. 

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