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Do’s and Don’ts of New Website Design

new website design

New website design is different from what we’re all used to. The new year dictates new rules, as the pace of tech progress is immense, and web design approaches need to comply. So, what’s new about the new web design? What should a top-rated web agency do to deliver great results? Here is a brief guide on the dominant trends for 2022.

Do’s of New Website Design

  • Strive for usability. The global user base increases day by day, but the number of digital products competing for user attention and loyalty does as well. So, you need to offer seamless, positive UX to keep users engaged and make them love your product.
  • Make a consistent interface. Don’t try to squeeze all existing web designs into one resource. Make each page and section consistent with each other by choosing a single color scheme and logical typeface styles.
  • Make navigation as intuitive as possible. The last thing you want is to make a visitor confused about navigation options. So, always try to let the users get the desired outcome with as few clicks as possible.

Don’ts of Cool Web Design

  • Neglect the loading speed. Your users won’t wait for several minutes to read your content or order your services. They need everything instantly, and a slowly loading page is a killer for your conversion.
  • Mind the links’ behavior. Users typically expect that outbound links will open in a new tab, while inbound links open in the same window. Try to achieve consistency at this point to minimize the user churn rate.
  • Stick to one font. As we just said, consistency in design rules the new website design trends. So, mixing too many fonts on one page is the wrong path. Experts recommend using a maximum of three font types and a maximum of three font sizes. That’s more than enough to make accents and achieve a visually appealing layout.

Strive for Balance

As you can see, the motto of 2022 is consistency and user-friendliness. There’s no use trying to jump out of your skin in hopes to surprise and amaze your users. Understandable, clear designs are what users appreciate much more today, focusing on what makes sense and works well instead. So, be reasonable and add a twist of originality if you wish, but don’t turn your whole website into a quirky blaze of creativity. The rules of new website design don’t stand it, you know.

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