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Dynamic Rendering Is A Thing Of The Past?

Dynamic Rendering Is A Thing Of The Past?

So far, dynamic rendering has been a popular way to fix problems with indexing JavaScript websites. Google itself approved it, saying that it was a good workaround. Not that has changed, and the company no longer advises doing it. What has changed?

What is it?

In simpler terms, dynamic rendering is a method of switching between pre-rendered and client-side rendered content. Like, when indexing your website, Google might get the HTML version, and your visitors will see a JavaScript version. For now, Java sites are hard to index for search engines (including Google), and a particular workaround is necessary.

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What Google says

Recently, the documentation for rendering has changed. Now we can see a red bar above warming that “it is not a long-term solution.” Instead, it suggests using static rendering, hydration, or server-side rendering.

“On some websites, JavaScript generates additional content on a page when it’s executed in the browser. This is called client-side rendering. While Google Search executes JavaScript, there are JavaScript features with limitations in Google Search and some pages may encounter problems with content not showing up in the rendered HTML. Other search engines may choose to ignore JavaScript and won’t see JavaScript-generated content.

Dynamic rendering is a workaround for websites where JavaScript-generated content is not available to search engines. A dynamic rendering server detects bots that may have problems with JavaScript-generated content and serves a server-rendered version without JavaScript to these bots while showing the client-side rendered version of the content to users.

Dynamic rendering is a workaround and not a recommended solution, because it creates additional complexities and resource requirements.”

Should we listen? Generally, when Google basically demands us to change our ways, it’s wise to listen. 

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