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Easiest Web Design Software To Get You Started

Easiest web design software

Ever since the internet became accessible, millions have wanted to leave their mark on it. Personal pages stopped being all the rage after Facebook, but there are more and more web designers. It’s a good, in-demand job, but… where to start? The best way to learn is by doing, and today we’ve made a list of the easiest web design software to get you started on your journey.

Easiest web design software


While calling it “software” might be a stretch, Wix is an excellent place to start. It’s very easy to master, requires no coding, and has many features. Wix is a website builder with a vast collection of templates and a powerful editor. Wix will never be the tool professionals use, but it’s a good stepping stone if you’re just starting. 

Visual Studio Code

This might not be what you want to hear, but you’ll have to try your hand at coding sooner or later. You don’t have to become the best at it, but a basic understanding of what makes the web work is paramount. Visual Studio Code is a good code editor from Microsoft (don’t worry, it works on Mac as well).

Adobe Dreamweaver

Back to the basics: Adobe Dreamweaver is a very powerful program for web development. Even though it allows you to create whole sites, no coding is required — the program does it all for you while you work in the WYSIWYG editor. It’s a great place to learn and a very intuitive program altogether, with support for visual editing, CEF, and CSS grids. It has it all, and it’s included in the Creative Cloud package along with Adobe Photoshop — one of the best graphics editors out there.


If you’re adamant that coding is not for you, you can also try Webflow. It’s yet another visual editing solution, but it’s entirely cloud-based. That means that it doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have. Just drag and drop elements and create good-looking pages in the process! And the code it creates for you is relatively clean, unlike most other programs. 


Calling WordPress “software” might be going too far, but you must know how to handle it. The good news is, it’s pretty straightforward, and most potential clients will look for people with WordPress knowledge.

WordPress is a CMS — content management system, that allows you to set up a website and maintain it. It’s intuitive and very powerful, with more plugins than you could possibly need. It supports both templates and drag-and-drop editing.

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