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Ecommerce Custom Development: Top 3 Best Practices

ecommerce custom development

Everybody dealing with ecommerce custom development needs to follow effective rules and trends. Whether you’re a business owner or a company creating websites, you need to understand what makes a perfect ecommerce resource to be successful. So, here is a guide with best practices for 2022, carefully selected by Beluga Lab experts. Enjoy, apply, and succeed!

What Makes eCommerce Custom Development Work?

The Internet has become a harsh battleground for ecommerce actors of all kinds. It’s full of offers in virtually any niche, so a new business can hardly succeed without excellent web design and a unique appeal to clients. Here are some tips to increase your chances of success.

#1 Usable Home Page

The home page is the first thing every customer sees when they come to your resource. So, the basic principle of ecommerce custom development is to make this page as appealing as possible. Elements that can enhance the appeal of your home page are a conveniently placed search bar, an unbeatable value proposition in the central part, and a promotions tab. Besides, making a footer with your company’s story, mission, and values is a good idea. In this way, you will communicate your brand image and establish an initial bond with customers.

#2 Well-Designed Category Pages

A rule of thumb in winning ecommerce custom development is to make the navigation super user-friendly. Most marketplaces have hundreds of thousands of entries, so a weird search filter may draw clients away from your resource. Nobody wants to waste time looking for items of interest. Another tip is to position items in a block format, allowing the customer to see more than one entry in a row. This marketing hack is well-known; people scrolling a vertical shopping list are likelier to buy one item, while those using a block-format shopping mode buy several items more willingly.

#3 Easy Checkout

Even if a customer came to your website and chose some items, it’s not the end of their shopping experience. You’ll be shocked to find out how many clients abandon their shopping carts and leave because of cumbersome checkouts (around 70%!). So, making a checkout safe but simple is a number one challenge of all ecommerce resources.

Here’s what you can do to simplify the checkout stage for your site users. First, give them a sense of completeness by displaying the progress bar and showing how many stages they will need to cover. Second, you need to opt for a variety of payment methods, which ensures universal accessibility for clients with cards, e-wallets, and other options. Third, remind buyers of their purchase in a concise order summary; maybe they forgot something or included an extra item.

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