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Elements of an Effective Home Page Design You Should Know

home page design

What is the most important part of a website? Engaging content, quality web design, record-breaking website speed, or all of these together? The right answer is a home page, which is the main page and the face of your website and accordingly your company or brand. Depending on how it looks, what it offers, and how fast it is, people decide whether your website deserves their attention or not. For that reason, web developers and designers pay special attention to home page design. But what makes a successful, eye-catching home page? Here is what you should know.

Elements of an effective home page design you should know

Color scheme and visual content

As they say, the first impression is the best impression. Text is not what visitors see in the first place; this privilege belongs to the colors, images, videos, and any other visual content that jumps into the eye.


The next thing that visitors see is the text. Sometimes, though, it matters not what is written but rather how it is presented to a viewer. It is a question of typography, a feature that graphic design agencies in NYC and other cities pay special attention to. Easy-to-read and appealing font holds more importance for home page design than you think.

Brand signature

A brand logo is arguably the most effective way to demonstrate who is the boss of the website. The thing is that many people recognize companies by their logos, not names. To maintain your brand consistency, you should take advantage of the power of associations people make.

Headline & call to action

A catching headline is one more important element of an effective home page design. You have to give a visitor an idea of who you are and what services or products you provide. Do not make people process too much unnecessary information because no one wants to waste time on reading when they first enter a website.

Clear navigation

A home page is like the door to a house with many rooms. It should welcome newcomers and give them directions. That is why navigation bars and menus should be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible.

Social proof

What is the best way to earn clients’ trust? Right, you need to show them that you are real. Incorporating testimonials and providing links to different social media platforms are but a decent choice.

The more attention is paid to home page design, the higher chances that your potential clients will stay longer on your website and decide to cooperate with you shortly afterward. Keep in mind these tips to succeed with your website design.

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