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Email Endings: Make That Last Sentence Count

Email Endings: Make That Last Sentence Count

There are tons of article on how to open an email, but a lot less information is dedicated to ways of closing that message. It’s a shame, when email endings are so important. After all, those are your last chanced to interest a client and make an impression. It’s a science in itself.

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Email endings: what to say when all’s been said?

Find a way to distinguish yourself from the rest

Let’s just say that your email is perfect. Personalized, to the point, with a CTA somewhere. In that case, when signing off, it’s always a good idea to distinguish your company from all the rest. Share some interesting facts, name a few big clients, or mention some impressive stats. Don’t be afraid to be wordy, too — just make sure they are reading.

Show your face

Corporate email signatures are all the same, and no one pays any attention to them. Change that — make sure you don’t look like another corporate drone. How? First of all, add your photo. Add a name, your title, and your email address. People love seeing real faces and distrust promises when they don’t see the one who makes them.

Keep the conversation going

You ideally want to keep conversing, and that’s why just saying “goodbye” is not good. Better ask a question at the very end, indicating that you’d love to learn more about the person you’re speaking to. Provoke them to answer and never put a stop to a conversation. 


Whatever it is you’re writing, you can’t do without a CTA. It’s up to you where to put it, but we often reserve the very last sentence of an email for it. Why don’t you ask for a phone call? Provoke your prospect to do something, don’t just leave with a simple “take care.”

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